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Rochem India - The Need for Waste Heat Evaporator

Rochem India - The Need for Waste Heat Evaporator

Waste heat Evaporator is a compact and efficient way for evaporating water from wastewater that contains high levels of contaminants and corrosive constituents. An alternative to prevailing Technologies predominantly using metallic evaporators, this technology comes at a dramatically lower life cycle cost due to lower operating and maintenance costs.

The Pioneers of Membrane Solutions for wastewater treatment and recycling, Rochem India’s constant innovation and advancements to the technologies adds much more to this.

Rochem India’s Waste Heat Evaporator (WHE)

The WHE presents an opportunity to industry of economical and efficient way to concentrate Process streams and the Brine from RO Plants on wastewater. WHE doesn’t necessarily require a fresh source of steam and can effectively use other possible sources of the low-grade heat efficiently for its operation. The system has Lowest Electrical Power consumption among current evaporation/concentration technologies including Multi-effect Evaporators.

The schematic process elaborates on the flow of Waste Heat Evaporator that contributes big in the process of filtration.


The process of Waste Heat Evaporator Wastewater is Concentrated in the following way:

  1. Heat is transported from the bulk fluid to the wastewater surface
  2. Wastewater evaporates from the surface
  3. Wastewater vapour diffuses through the membrane
  4. Wastewater vapour condenses on the other side of the membrane

Advantages of Rochem India’s Waste Heat Evaporators

The Waste Heat Evaporator by Rochem India brings along many advantages that serve your purpose of water filtration and cater to your needs.

1. Lower Capital Costs: Special Metallurgy for construction of unit is not required, thus resulting in lower capital Costs.

2. Safe operations: Low operating pressure, hence increased process safety. Also operates at lower temperatures than conventional Evaporators.

3. Longer Equipment Life and Lower Maintenance: Due to MOC which is engineered PP , Limits scaling and corrosion issues.

4. Consistent and High Quality of Distillate: The vapour and liquid phase are separated by Membranes, hence ensures High quality of distillate at all times. PLC based Automated Process Control ensures High Operational efficiency.

5. Process Reliability:Stable operations and Reduced Sensitivity towards concentration polarization is Negligible

6. Reduces Equipment Size and hence lowers foot print:

Reduction in non-condensable species in vapour phase and hence the unit size and weight is reduced considerably compared to conventional Evaporators.

7. Low cost on Structural Supports:

Low initial capital investment as towering support structures are not required as modules are skid mounted at manageable height manually.

8. Easier Maintenance:

The Special Design allows it to be maintained conveniently as module on skid are spread out at ground level.

Application of Waste Heat Evaporators by Rochem India:

The application of this technology ranges from many industries.

  • Zero Liquid discharge for Industrial Wastewater
  • Non-Volatile acid concentration
  • Metal recovery
  • Dye Concentration and recovery
  • Spent Acid recovery
  • Acidic streams concentration
  • Concentration of Lanthate Compounds
  • Recovery of volatile compounds
  • Fruit juice/Milk/heat sensitive products concentration/separation/recovery
  • Various Process application for concentration/distillation/separation/recovery


From every product to every technology, we at Rochem India strive to make each of our output highly efficient and cost effective. From PTRO to Spiral RO to WHEs, the intensive engineering and insight for each industry plays a vital role in designing our technology.

We offer excellent water treatment and recycling system with purification technology that adapts with the changing times. Get in touch with us through our mail at or leave a message on our social media accounts - Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn or call us on +91 (22) 6704 9000 for any enquiries and further information.