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Mastering Water Treatment & Recycling – Rochem India

Mastering Water Treatment & Recycling – Rochem India

The Growth

India’s run towards the growing economy has several factors adding up to it. Of which, one of the main reasons is the flourishing Industrial sector. The rapid industrialization has opened many new doors for the country’s progress. The gradual rise in the industries are benefitting the tier 1 & tier 2 cities to develop and elevate the standard of living.

As per the Economic survey of 2017-18 –

“Growth rate in the Gross Value Added (GVA) by the industrial sector was 5.6 per cent in 2016-17 and 5.8 per cent in the second quarter of 2017-18”

Which has also resulted in highest growth rate of Index of Industrial Production in November 2017

“During April-November 2017, the Index of Industrial Production (IIP) grew 3.2 per cent, while registering a growth rate of 8.4 per cent in November 2017, the highest in 25 months.”

What do these growing Industries need?

The growing industrial sector in India calls for one of the most vital components of the worldwide manufacturing industry and one of the most important elements in industrial production – water recycling and treatment.

The companies want to regain the valuable chemicals from wastewater and purify the water again for reuse, while meeting the government protocols and norms. The diminishing sources of freshwater are   also leaving the big and small scale industries with no choice than to opt for Water Treatment. But due to the vast divisions in the industrial sector, the waste water treatment and recycling needs thorough understanding of different industrial processes and expertise.

To contribute in this vital role of water recycling, it is only the professional and experienced Water Purification Companies, industries should be relied on; only because-

  • An efficient water recycling systems must be sound, sustainable and designed by experienced professionals
  • The solution providers should constantly looking to upgrade technologies

The Master of Water Purification

Trusted for quality and innovation, Rochem India has been providing customized Water Treating and Recycling System for over 25 years! Investing efforts in providing the best and efficient solutions to our clients. Our application knowledge base, technology and constant upgradation provides us with an edge over conventional membrane based filtration systems.

Registered on 19th November 1991, Rochem India is the top water treatment and recycling solution provider in India, today. With a vision to continue being the leader in wastewater recycling and other advanced technologies to conserve resources and sustain the environment, Rochem India is extremely passionate towards what it does.

 Associating with Rochem India, the following comes as advantages –

  • An expert understanding of water treatment and waste water chemistry
  • Customised water treatment and recycling systems across all market segments such as Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Distilleries, Textiles, Automobiles, Tanneries, Paint & Pigments, Petrochemicals etc.
  • Best in class solutions for Reverse Osmosis, Nano filtration, Ultra Filtration, ZLD, STP, ETP & more

Serving water treatment and recycling needs of the country, we’re spread across India to do as much as we can to sustain our precious water and environmental resources, and recycle & reuse what we have today. With over 1400 industrial installations over diverse applications across industries, over 300 shipboard / Army portable desalination and brackish water installations. ROCHEM treats 300+ MLD wastewater everyday with 90+ MLD treatment under comprehensive O&M across 450 locations, we’re always up to contribute big to the building blocks of the industries, and saving the natural resources