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Things to know about Wastewater Treatment for Automobile Industries

Things to know about Wastewater Treatment for Automobile Industries

A fast emerging industry, Automobile experiences rapid advancements in technology with every passing day. The swift evolution over the years has greatly enhanced the industry’s production capacity.

Composition of wastewater released by automobile industry 

The automobile industry uses water for washing, rinsing and painting. Some commonly found contaminants in the effluents are metals, oils, grease, dyestuff, detergents, chromium, phosphates, paint residuals etc. 

Wastewater Treatment Solutions in the Automotive Industry

The effluents that are discharged from this industry need to be treated/re-cycled. Hence, installing a waste water treatment plant becomes a prerequisite. The ETP plays a major role in eliminating the pollutants and contaminants present in the water to an acceptable level before releasing it out in nature. There are major processes involved in ETP for automobile industries. They are:-

  1. Physical Process
  2. Chemical Process
  3. Biological Process

The certain steps that are involved in the treatment process are:

  1. Pre-treatment: This involves initial screening or grit chamber to remove floatable solids in raw effluent. It also removes floatable oil and grease with the help of a trap. 

  2. Primary Treatment: The pre-treated wastewater enters into a primary tank where chemical process like coagulation, flocculation and neutralization takes place. The heavy solids settle down at the bottom while the floatables like oil, grease and other light solids are skimmed off. The settled solids are the Primary Sludge and remaining wastewater is directed to next level of treatment.

  3. Secondary Treatment: The stage of treatment involves biological process. This process can be both aerobic and anaerobic depending on the quality of the effluent. But mostly the ETP’s use aerated sludge process (aerobic process) for effectiveness. 

  4. Tertiary Treatment: An important step in ETP, disinfection of treated wastewater happens by using chlorine, ozone and UV light. It removes residual suspended solids that were left behind from the previous stages. The water finally becomes suitable and ready to be released into the nature. 

Other technologies that fit well for various parts of treating the wastewater, especially for Zero Liquid Discharge are:

  1. Reverse Osmosis Plant (RO System)
  2. Evaporation and Drier Systems
  3. Heavy Metal Removal Systems

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