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Excelling Water Management With Zero Liquid Discharge

Excelling Water Management With Zero Liquid Discharge

The increased pressure from pollution regulatory of India – CPCB (Central Pollution Control Board) and water scarcity have led many industries to re-visit the need for greener process technologies, adopt efficient wastewater treatment systems and to strictly monitor adherence to discharge norms. Recycling of maximum quantity of water back to the industries and progressing towards Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) is now definitely the need of the hour. While there are various ways and methods that industries use to treat their wastewater, ZLD aims for total reuse of water resources and zero polluting discharge.

Adherence to ZLD

The most important aspect for including ZLD in the wastewater treatment process, is the decreasing availability of freshwater. It is creating a compulsion for the manufacturing industries to recycle wastewater and therefore to choose the most effective treatment of wastewater, out of scarcity.

Industries are now moving towards ZLD as the preferred wastewater treatment method because of its reduced impact on the environment. The aim of ZLD is to retain and recycle as much water as possible and produce solid waste at the end of the process.

Typical course of ZLD

Typical ZLD system, despite the varying recovery rate come loaded with operating costs and operational limitations. However, there also exist customized and specialized solutions that use state-of-the-art membrane equipment such as high-recovery reverse osmosis systems to obtain specific treatment goals while achieving high water recovery rate.

Another reason that makes ZLD preferable, is that it allows extraction of important resources back from the waste. Some of the industries opt for ZLD, so that they can also trade or reuse the solids that are separated (product recovery). Regardless of an organization's motivation to aim ZLD, the results depict good economics, corporate responsibility and environmental stewardship. With an internal ZLD process installed, the cost can be significantly reduced, more water is re-used and more resources can be extracted from the waste.

ZLD by Rochem India

We at Rochem India, supply high end wastewater treatment plants, complete ZLD solutions, operational and technical services through Operations and Maintenance and Annual Maintenance Contracts. We help industries achieve Zero Discharge with our in-depth knowledge of water and wastewater chemistry and the robust product portfolio. Our services help you with the following:

  • Maximum Resource Conservation that promotes water Re-cycle/Re-use
  • Minimize effluent volumes at lowest energy input cost
  • Economically achieve highest possible concentration of wastewater
  • Target Lowest operating cost option for total ZLD scheme
  • Integrate existing capital equipment to minimize investments
  • Lowest net energy balance


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