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About Rochem India - Manufacturing & Installing Modern Treatment for Water Purification System.

About Us

About Us:

ROCHEM Separation Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd. offers the best-in-class Purification Systems for a wide range of applications. With over two decades of experience, we are now an accomplished supplier of Water Purification Systems throughout India.

Our organization was registered on 19th November 1991 under Indian Companies Act 1956. We aimed to enter the Water Purification sector and provide systems that could efficiently purify water based on the customer’s requirements. We develop technologies that have huge fundamental and operational advantages over the other ‘Membrane’ based purification systems currently available in the market.

In order to upscale, improve, and meet with the global standards, we entered into Technical Collaboration with ROCHEM Group A.G. This collaboration has made it possible for us to establish ourselves in the Indian markets, to emerge as a successful developer of water purification systems for a large number of organizations.

To be a leader in Wastewater recycling using Membrane and other advanced technologies to conserve resources and to sustain our environment.
Recycle every drop of the worlds’ wastewater at low costs thus making Recycling the best option.

At ROCHEM, we truly believe in quality before quantity. We offer our customized systems for industries ranging from Distilleries, Tanneries, Textiles, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Petrochemicals, etc. Our drive to improve is well complimented by our efficient and dynamic systems for our valued clients.